Memory day press conference

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The ERSU presented the first edition of the “Memory Day” Prize. A suggestive and rich in culture location. An important and unforgettable subject. The first edition of the “Memory day” prize in remembrance of the Shoah was highlighted. The initiative, promoted by the Catania ERSU press office, was presented in the “reading room” of the Ursino Recupero library, directed by Rita Carbonaro. There, among eighteenth-century tables and old worn out but always instructive and fascinating books, all the Prize details were illustrated. The ERSU puts in competition two prizes of 1000 Euros in value, in favor of those university students who will present a maximum 4.000 line composition ( including spaces ) on the topic and a maximum 10 minute’s short film. The University students of Catania from various degree, specialization and PhD courses and the students enrolled in Institutions of Higher Education in Art and Music are allowed to participate. Works must be received by Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014. – They will be analyzed from a jury composed by Professor Mrs. Sarah Zappulla Muscarà, Director Mr. Giovanni Anfuso and the chronicle chief journalist Mr. Antonello Piraneo from “La Sicilia” daily newspaper. The winners’ award ceremony will take place on Thursday 23rd December in the main hall of the University Rectorate. The Region President, Rosario Crocetta and the Regional Instruction and Vocational Education Councilor Nelli Scilabra participation is expected. The examiner jury President Professor Sarah Zappulla Muscarà and the ERSU President Professor Alessandro Cappellani attended the presentation press conference directed by Dr. Giampiero Panvini from the ERSU press agency. “ This initiative wants to involve the largest number possible of students- Giampiero Panvini declares – . Many works already arrived. The Holocaust is a very important subject. It must not be forgotten, in hopes that such tragedies won’t disturb humanity anymore. President Mr. Alessandro Cappellani asserted: “This is a very current topic concerning with a terrible historical period for Sicily, Italy and Europe. Our students will show they’re second to none and will assert themselves. The jury is of high value. I thank Rector of the University, Sir Giacomo Pignataro, always sensitive to our initiatives”. In addition to that, President Cappellani reaffirmed that “ Actually these cultural initiatives don’t distract ERSU attention from matters concerning with non-resident student life. We are seriously bound to regularly assign beds to non-resident students. We are solving the issue related to the former Costa Hotel closure and we are finally providing for 2013-2014 student first payment”. Professor Sarah Zappulla Muscarà announced that the actor Mr. Agostino Zumbo will take part in the award ceremony and will perform the winning compositions. The paintings of the artist Salvatore Incorpora which describe the terrible experiences lived in concentration camps will also be presented. This prize is an important cause for reflection and cultural growth for our students”.

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