The ERSU never stops. The Regional Corporation for University Study Right busily works to support, lead and protect in the best way possible university students.

Another commendable and important initiative from the Corporation, leaded by the President Alessandro Cappellani, is coming. At the “Vincenzo Bellini” hall in the “Toscano-Scuderi” residence, in via Etnea 440 the agreement signed with the Priolo CIAPI ( Intercompany professional integrated Training Center) has been launched.

The ERSU and the CIAPI, through this agreement, will produce important synergies in favour of university student and for the “Spartacus” project regard directed to incentivize work operative policies.

The agreement has been illustrated in detail by the Catania ERSU President, Prof. Mr. Alessandro Cappellani and the Priolo CIAPI President On. Prof. Mr. Egidio Ortisi.

Also the ERSU coordinator manager, Eng. Francesco Sciuto and the CIAPI Director, Dr. Mrs. Luciana Rallo attended the press conference.

The ERSU elected as the project contact person Dr. Mr. Giampiero Panvini, the Corporation press agency leader. The CIAPI contact person is Dr. Mrs. Ione Privitera. “It is an important opportunity we seized on- asserted the ERSU President, Alessandro Cappellani-. I thank the CIAPI and its President Ortisi. We are opening our study halls to the CIAPI staff, who will be able to meet our students and the foreigners we host. The postgraduate situation is critical, and our goal is to direct students on their way”. The CIAPI President, Egidio Ortisi declared: “ We hope and believe in an occupational future for our youth. We and the Catania ERSU will work together thanks to this agreement. It is an important and honest project which, according to us, will achieve remarkable results. The project “Spartacus” designer, Francesco Vacante highlighted that: “For the first time the CIAPI thanks to this project intercepts students in study halls and in university residences”. The Catania ERSU, as Dr. Panvini explained, will open on Monday morning the study hall “Vincenzo Bellini- Toscano Scuderi”, Via Caronda 99-101-103 entry, all days from 8 am to 8 pm (on Saturday till 2pm), endowed with all comforts (air-conditioned room and equipped with Wireless connection).

Instead, the study hall of via Oberdan, at the corner of via Verona, is open.


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